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Tips for Cooking your Grassfed Beef

1. Completely thaw meat in refrigerator, NEVER in the microwave.

2. If you need a faster thaw time, place vacuum sealed bag in cold water until thawed.

3. We suggest you try "wet aging" or a marinade for leaner cuts (New York Strip, Flank, Sirloin, etc.) in the refrigerator to add flavor and enhance moisture content. Try an orange juice and olive oil with your favorite herbs for a tasty marinade!

4. Always bring meat to room temperature before cooking. Allow meat to drain any additional blood while waiting on meat to reach room temp. (We place ours on clean paper towels in a clean tray while waiting)

5. REMEMBER: Grassfed meat will cook about 30% faster than grain fed beef.  Invest in a good meat thermometer to keep track of your temperature. Also, you may want to drop your traditional cooking temperature by 20-30 degrees.

6. Grassfed beef is most ideal when served medium rare. Should you prefer more well-done meat, consider cooking at lower temps in a sauce. A slow cooker or crock pot is ideal for this method.

7. Use tongs or a spatula for turning meat, a fork will puncture the meat and allow moisture and flavor to escape.

8. Always preheat your grill, pan, or oven prior to placing meat.

9. On the stove: pan sear on high heat then turn the heat low to continue to cook.

10. On the grill: quickly sear on high and then reduce heat to medium to low to finish cooking. (Some recipes call for a pan or grill sear and then finish at low temp in oven- this is also a delicious method!)

11. When roasting: sear beef first to lock in delicious juices, then place in your preheated oven. Reduce your traditional roasting temperature by 50 degrees.

12. Always let the beef rest covered for 5-10 after removing from heat. Remember, meat continues to cook even after it is removed from heat, so keep an eye on your thermometer.

13. ENJOY! You have invested in a quality product that is healthy and delicious! There are multiple sites that give endless ideas and recipes which allow you to be creative and make something you, your family, and friends will love! Have fun!

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